Pasig City Hall stands as a pillar of local governance, committed to delivering essential services that enhance the quality of life for its residents. Through streamlined processes, community-focused initiatives, and a dedication to public service, Pasig City Hall continues to be a vital resource for the residents of Pasig.

Pasig City Hall

The City Hall of Pasig has undergone a number of iterations since 1967, when it was a mere four-storey structure with 1, 200 square meters of floor area. The renovation in 1999 brought the floor area to approximately 9,000 square meters. Finally in 2005, four more levels were added, bringing the total floor area to 16,000 square meters.

Pasig City Hall façade

The City Hall is a stunning vision coming onto Caruncho Avenue, with its ivory-and-emerald façade. The ground floor is almost entirely devoted to a parking area, with the exception of the Cooperative Development Office. The second floor is occupied by the Business Permit and Licensing Office and the Treasury Department.

The third floor houses the Commission on Audit, National Statistics Office, Department of Interior and Local Government, Civil Registry, and Urban Poor Services Office. The Senior Citizens Office, Environment and Natural Resources office, and City Records constitute the fourth floor, while the fifth floor consists of the City Budget, Legal and Public Information offices.

The Engineering and Housing offices are situated on the sixth floor, while the Vice Mayor and the City Councilors hold office on the seventh floor. The Session Hall where the members of the City Council convene every Thursday is located on this same level. The eighth floor welcomes a steady stream of visitors daily, as this is where the Mayor’s office is located.


Services Offered

Business Permits and Licensing

Pasig City Hall provides services related to business permits and licenses. This includes the processing and renewal of business permits, ensuring that local businesses operate in compliance with regulations.

Real Property Tax Services

Property owners can avail themselves of real property tax services, including assessment, payment, and inquiries regarding property taxes. Pasig City Hall streamlines the process to facilitate prompt and efficient transactions.

Civil Registry Services

The Civil Registry Office at Pasig City Hall manages vital records such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates. Residents can request copies, updates, or corrections to these important documents.

Health Services

Pasig City Hall oversees health services, including public health programs, vaccination services, and health-related permits. The health department plays a crucial role in promoting the well-being of Pasig residents.

Social Welfare and Development

The Social Welfare and Development Office provides assistance to individuals and families in need. This includes social services, financial aid, and community development programs.

Engineering and Infrastructure Services

Residents can access services related to engineering and infrastructure, such as building permits, zoning information, and construction-related inquiries. Pasig City Hall ensures that development adheres to established guidelines.

Public Safety and Security

The city government, through Pasig City Hall, is dedicated to ensuring public safety and security. This involves collaboration with law enforcement agencies, disaster preparedness programs, and the maintenance of peace and order within the community.

Local Legislation and Governance

Pasig City Hall serves as the center of local governance. It houses the city council and the mayor's office, facilitating legislative processes, policy-making, and the implementation of local ordinances.

Accessing Services

In-Person Visits

Residents can visit Pasig City Hall in person to access various services. Specific offices handle different services, so it's advisable to check the department relevant to your needs.

Online Services

Pasig City Hall may offer online services for selected transactions, providing convenience for residents who prefer digital transactions


Pasig City Hall

Address: Caruncho Ave., Barangay San Nicolas, Pasig City
Business Hours: 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday