Pasig City is a treasure trove of cultural celebrations, each suffused with color, revelry, and deep-rooted tradition. Throughout the year, the city offers a culturally enriching and spiritually edifying experience through its diverse festivals. Here are some of the most notable celebrations in Pasig City:

Bambino Festival

The Bambino Festival is celebrated in honor of the Sto. Niño, whose innocence, purity of spirit, and love have profoundly influenced the lives of Pasigueños. This festival features an exhibit showcasing various images of the Blessed Child, culminating in a grand procession with participation from different parishes and schools across the city. It's a beautiful display of faith and community spirit.

Itik-Itik Festival

Held on the last Sunday of February, the Itik-Itik Festival celebrates Barangay Kalawaan’s beloved patroness, St. Martha. This event highlights the barangay’s yield, the Itik (a species of duck), which gives the festival its name. The festivities include traditional dances and activities centered around the Itik, reflecting the agricultural heritage and communal pride of Kalawaan.

Araw ng Pasig

Araw ng Pasig is the most anticipated celebration of the year, commemorating the establishment of Pasig as a parish in 1573 and honoring its original patroness. This month-long affair features a variety of pop-cultural events such as the Mutya ng Pasig pageant, the Outstanding Pasigueño Awards, and street dance competitions. The celebrations peak on July 2, coinciding with the Feast of the Visitation of Our Lady.

Bayanihan Festival

Depicting one of the Filipinos’ most cherished virtues, the Bayanihan Festival is held on the eve of Barangay Ugong’s fiesta, celebrated on the Sunday before the Feast of Christ the King in November. Each purok or zone participates in a race involving a bahay-kubo (nipa hut) with a muse atop each hut, cheering on the crew. The race starts and ends at the barangay hall, with stops at five strategically placed stations to complete challenges, showcasing unity and cooperation among the participants.

Pista ng Pasig

Pista ng Pasig is a church-sponsored celebration in honor of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8. Organized by the Parish Pastoral Council, this event includes Marian concerts and novenario processions, drawing a large following. The Immaculate Conception Cathedral, being the first Marian parish in the Philippines, holds significant historical and spiritual importance for the community.


Paskotitap is the city's grand Christmas float parade, featuring themed floats designed and crafted by some of the country’s most acclaimed artists. Each float is accompanied by dancers in costumes matching the float's theme. This event is a delightful spectacle for children and adults alike, with the dance competition adding an extra layer of excitement as choreographed performances by participating groups light up the night.

Pakalog Festival

Celebrated every December 31 in Barangay Santolan, the Pakalog Festival is a unique way of welcoming the new year. Residents, known as Santoleños, gather on the streets to share food, participate in party games, and enjoy loud music. The festivities include a parade at four o'clock in the afternoon, featuring the Santoleños band, various social community groups, and the highlight of the event—the 'lechon' (roasted pig) carried by people through the streets.

Pasig City's festivals are a testament to the city's rich cultural heritage and strong sense of community. Each celebration offers a unique glimpse into the traditions and values that bind Pasigueños together, making the city a vibrant and welcoming place for both residents and visitors.