Check out this newest upscale retail haven in Quezon City, that offers a blend of luxury shopping, dining, and entertainment

Opus Mall, formerly known as Robinsons Bridgetowne, is the latest upscale retail development by Robinsons Malls, strategically located on the Quezon City side of the vibrant Bridgetowne estates. This five-level shopping destination opened its doors on July 3, 2024, after experiencing delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It serves not only as a premier shopping and dining hub but also as the podium for the upcoming Fili Hotel, marking its first branch in Metro Manila and second overall, following NUSTAR Cebu.

The mall features a variety of attractions designed to cater to discerning shoppers and visitors. The Marketplace, a key highlight, offers an extensive range of premium grocery items.

A plethora of shops and restaurants provide diverse retail and culinary experiences, while the five state-of-the-art digital cinemas promise an immersive movie-watching experience.

Opus Premier Cinemas

The mall also features Opus Premier Cinemas, offering plush leather reclining seats, USB charging ports, and a variety of snacks, all enhanced by the latest tech. The VIP Premier Cinema features privacy cocoons, a Dolby Atmos sound system, laser projection, and a 15-meter screen for an immersive experience.

For family movie nights, the Opus Family Cinema provides couches, colorful cushions, carpeted floors, and even a bubblegum scent for a fun and unique viewing experience. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the vibrant food hall and find solace in the serene chapel.

Beyond its retail offerings, Opus Mall is part of the larger Bridgetowne complex, home to "The Victor," a striking 55-meter-tall (180 ft) steel statue created by Filipino-American artist Jefrë.

Positioned at the base of the Bridgetowne Bridge, this monumental public art piece stands as the tallest lighting projection art installation in the world, symbolizing the dynamic and ambitious spirit of the Bridgetowne development.


Here are some of the stores opened at Opus Mall:


Opus Mall is set to redefine luxury shopping in Quezon City, offering an unparalleled blend of retail, entertainment, and art in one sophisticated destination.

Operating hours are from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, visit the Opus Mall Facebook page.