The oldest yet the most favorite bakery in downtown Pasig.

Established in 1919, Panaderia Dimas-alang stands as the oldest business establishment in Pasig, originally part of the province of Rizal and historically named after a character in Jose Rizal's novel "Noli Me Tangere."

Currently owned and managed by Manolo Lozada, who inherited it in 1980, the bakery, deeply rooted in Pasig's history, has undergone changes while retaining its traditional essence.


Manolo, an English major from the University of the Philippines, describes himself as a "reluctant businessman and bakery owner," taking over a business that evolved from Dos Hermanos Panaderia, founded by relatives of the Lozada grandparents.

Panaderia Dimas-Alang

Despite the humble beginnings and initial lack of substantial investment, Manolo, along with his sisters Carmencita and Teresita, preserved the bakery's heritage, maintaining classic offerings such as pan de sal and ensaymada.

Resisting the urge for radical changes, Manolo opted to retain the bakery's original image, gradually incorporating innovations like brazo de mercedes and expanding the menu to include items like egg pie. Initially facing slow business, he persevered, adapting to the changing landscape of Pasig, which transformed from a provincial town to a modern city within Metro Manila.

As high-rise buildings, condominiums, and upscale offices replaced ricefields near Ortigas and Edsa, Dimas-alang adapted to the demographic and developmental shifts, experiencing progress fueled by the changing times. Despite this transformation, the bakery maintains its old-fashioned charm, with a staff of over 30 benefiting from full employment perks.

Brazo de Mercedes


While some machines have been introduced, Dimas-alang remains rooted in tradition, with only one computer on-site. Manolo, emphasizing a commitment to tradition, does not actively promote the business online, relying on word of mouth and the bakery's longstanding reputation. The recent unsolicited media attention, both on TV and in print, serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of Panaderia Dimas-alang, a business that has thrived by staying true to its roots and catering to the memories of the local community.

Panaderia Dimas-Alang

Address: A. Mabini Street, Pasig, Metro Manila HOW TO GET HERE ]
Business Hours: 24/7