Rizal High School (RHS), the largest public secondary school in Asia, has announced the enrollment schedule for incoming Grade 7 and Grade 11 students for the upcoming school year 2024-2025.

Enrollment Details

The enrollment period is set to accommodate various groups of students, ensuring a smooth transition into the academic year.

The enrollment process aims to facilitate the registration of new and returning students efficiently. Parents and guardians are encouraged to adhere to the specified dates and times to avoid any inconvenience. For Grade 11 completers from RHS, the enrollment period provides a dedicated opportunity to secure their slots for the upcoming academic year.

Rizal High School, known for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic education, continues to uphold its tradition of nurturing young minds and preparing them for future challenges. The school administration assures all stakeholders that health and safety protocols will be strictly observed during the enrollment process to safeguard the well-being of everyone involved.



For further inquiries and updates regarding the enrollment procedures, interested parties may contact Rizal High School through their official Facebook page.

As the enrollment period approaches, RHS looks forward to welcoming new and returning students, fostering a vibrant learning environment for the school year ahead.